What can you do if you have extra time on your hands? Baby boomer Sharyn Gelb Diamond of Plano, Texas, has found something worthwhile, and she’s loving it.

Who me, an election volunteer??

Yes, absolutely! Why not me?!

Sharyn Gelb Diamond (left) with candidate Lorie Burch.

Especially when my daughter-in-law is running for Congress! After all, it’s something I’ve always had in the back of my own mind, something to do when I had some time. But time or not, whether it’s family or not who’s running in an election, it’s time to help do what we have been meant to do from the beginning, elect the best qualified candidates to run and represent the people of this wonderful country.

It’s not only a privilege, but part of being a good citizen. I’m a proud second-generation American. My ancestors from Russia did not have this right to elect their representatives, and it’s because of them that I’m here enjoying the freedoms America offers. Not a day that goes by I don’t think of my grandparents and the hardships they endured to give their future generations this privilege, and so many others.

Lorie Burch speaks with a group in her area.

And what a journey it has been, thanks to Lorie Burch, my dear daughter-in-law who is running for Congress in Texas. We’ve survived Texas’s summer heat block-walking and knocking on neighbors’ doors, writer’s cramp from preparing postcards, hoarse voices from telephoning and cheering Lorie on. But to all of us on this mission, it has been worth it to see what democracy looks like in action.

And, the benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages, such as making new friends, learning about our community, and becoming a closer-knit family. Who knows, somewhere out on the campaign trail we might even meet Elvis! It has been a family affair with my granddaughters sharing this experience with us every step of the way. What an education they are getting, which I hope they will share with their children someday, or even run for office themselves!

What would a campaign be without an “Elvis”?

So, when a campaign comes your way, what are you going to do? Stand up and help, or run the other way? These last few months have been an amazing journey for our family, from our eight-year-old to this ancient 71-year-old “aging hippie” giving back to the America we love and care about. I am hopeful that my presence at campaign rallies, writing postcards, and helping in general will make a difference.

November is getting closer and closer, and we’ve got miles and miles to go, doors to knock on, phone calls to make, and signs to put up before it’s over.

Wow! I never really saw myself helping a candidate or working on someone else’s election campaign. But look at me, a proud “boomer” doing what I can to shape the future of our country for the better. I’ll remember this experience for years to come, and the fantastic memories made along the way.

It’s not an easy path, but if an opportunity to volunteer on a campaign comes your way, say YES! You won’t be disappointed!


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