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Simply Change

Professional Organizers & Elder Move Specialists

Phone: 828-350-9377
Email: Professional Organizers & Elder Move Specialists

Senior Transition Services

Simply Change specializes in helping our elders make adjustments in their existing home or in relocating to a new home. Our desire is to ensure the space of our clients support their lifestyle needs which includes the beauty, functionality and safety of each and everyone person.Here’s just some of the services we can provide:

  • Downsizing (Right-sizing)
    A helping hand to make the many decisions required.
  • Organizing & De-cluttering
    Putting systems in place that produce the results you want
  • Relocation/Moving
    Step by step support in getting you from point A to point B. All with your well-being as a top priority. This includes a very helpful computerized floor plan with proposed furniture placement to scale.
  • Staging a Home For Sale
    Years of experience bring to you proven steps toward helping your home sell fast.
  • Home Assessments
    Our trained eyes will assist in making sure your home provides a safe environment for years to follow.
  • Movement within a retirement community
    We also assist past clients and new clients transition to smaller spaces within their own retirement community as their needs change and additional services are maybe required. These may include transitions from independent living to assisted living or skilled nursing. We can be there for our clients through it all.
  • Additional support
    We work hand-in-hand with family members who are assisting in making the necessary transitions for Mom or Dad. Many are living in other cities and count on Simply Change to be the eyes and ears on the ground taking the next steps.