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Three life lessons for baby boomers from TV in the ‘50s

Maybe you can’t remember your favorite TV shows from the 1950s but we’ll bet that once we mention “Sgt. Bilko,” …

Eight secrets of boomers who exercise regularly

How can we stay fit as baby boomers? By making fitness a habit! That’s the advice from California certified personal …

Boomers grew up in the midst of the plastic money world

One thing that happened during the younger era of most boomers’ lives was the ubiquitous introduction of credit cards into …

Three baby boomers, Singing into Retirement!

Retirement for many baby boomers sure doesn’t mean sitting in a rocker til we die! Take the acoustic folk group …

How a baby boomer really ought to eat

We’re not telling you anything you don’t already know when we remind you that the older you get, the harder …

A boomer writes of A Motherless Child’s Mothers Day

On Mothers Day, BoomerCafé contributor Erin O’Brien of Redondo Beach, California, reflects upon her mom. She is now gone, but …

A boomer still remembers the day that changed her life

Undoubtedly, in every baby boomer’s life, there has been a life-changing moment. Maybe many. But how well do you remember …

A couple of baby boomers broaden their horizons

Not every baby boomer is able to travel — yes, we recognize that there are nagging little issues like money, …

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