Greg and David — the Café Guys — are both away on well-deserved vacations (of course we’re the ones who wrote this, so what else would we call them but “well-deserved?”). That’s why, from now until mid-September, instead of all new stories by and about baby boomers, BoomerCafé will feature some of our best blasts from the past.

Snoring ...

Chilling …

If you’re a regular subscriber and receive our notices several times a week via email about “This Morning’s New Feature on BoomerCafé,” you’ll know when we’re back.  (If you are not a subscriber to story sharing at BoomerCafé, please take a moment to sign-up and join our community of baby boomers.  It’s free!)

Photo by Anna Henderson

Photo by Anna Henderson

Meanwhile, please enjoy what we post … or, re-post … while we both enjoy a bit of time off.

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