Good deal for boomers soon to become more pricey

Time’s running out for people age 62 and older, which includes many baby boomers, to take advantage of a great deal — $10 for a lifetime senior pass to visit all of America’s national parks.

Visitors to Great Falls National Park near Washington, D.C.

The fee for a lifetime pass for citizens 62 and older will jump from $10 to $80 effective August 1, 2017. The move – approved by Congress last year – is intended to improve the visitor experience and provide more opportunities to volunteer in parks across the country, according to the Park Service.

The lifetime senior pass.

Once you have a senior pass, there’s no cost for entering a national park for the rest of your life. Additionally, there’s a 50 percent discount on some amenity fees at park facilities, such as camping, swimming and boat launches.

Lifetime senior passes are available at any national park in the U.S. or if you don’t have time or immediate access, buy online.

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