Even in 2018, we know that the digital world is still susceptible to human mistakes.

You may have noticed that BoomerCafe.com has not been online for the better part of a week. Here’s what we know — a technician at the website hosting company we use made a mistake and entered the wrong command on a page that controls all the hosting company’s clients. Fewer than ten characters. But that command instructed the website hosting system to (gasp!) … delete everything. Not just on BoomerCafé, but on thousands of websites. In the wink of an eye, thousands of websites … us … vanished.

What’s more, the website company lacked a disaster recovery plan.

Recovery from a backup took until now.

We shall keep our own backups going forward.

On that, we invite you to come on back to BoomerCafé and share your stories about your baby boomer experience and opinions. Check the submission guidelines above.


David and Greg


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