What’s not to love about one pot recipes? They are time saving. They involve less washing up and cleaning. They are perfect for a cottage lifestyle! The number of meals that can be prepared in just one pot is incredible. From classic dishes like one-pot roast chicken and lasagna bakes to things you may not have thought of in terms of a one pot recipe (like short ribs or couscous-based dishes.),

Before you start highlighting recipes it is important to know that there are a variety of ways you can actually cook a one pot meal. The best way is in the oven or in a slow cooker. You want to make sure all your ingredients fit in the dish you’ve selected so that you can keep cleanup to a minimum and taste and flavor to a maximum. A deep high sided tray is usually the best option to make sure there is no overflow while cooking.

The true brilliance of a one pot meal is that all you must do is chop up your vegetables, prepare your protein, and then pop it all into a pan or casserole dish. They are the perfect solution to dinnertime doldrums. Check out or simple recipes below to get started.

One Pot Spaghetti (click for full recipe)

Why boil your noodles separately when you can make this entire dish as one? Your spaghetti noodles will absorb the herb and tomato flavors right from the start and deliver you a great one pot meal in under an hour. Add a side of garlic bread if you’re extra hungry.

One Pot Beef Goulash (click for full recipe)

This Hungarian classic has been gracing American tables since 1914. Also known as American Chop Suey, Goulash is a cozy dish of beef and noodles (usually macaroni) in a rich, hearty broth. To complete the flavor, add cubed steak, ground beef or plant-based protein and whole tomatoes.

Coconut-Curry Short Ribs (click for full recipe)

Short ribs need to be braised so this meal requires prep time but don’t let that stop you, this one-pot meal is worth the effort! Meaty bone-in ribs with a Thai-inspired coconut curry create a tender meal that is tasty with an exotic flare!

One Pot Cheesy Pasta Bake (click for full recipe)

Pasta + meat sauce + mozzarella cheese, this dish is classic comfort food made easy! By cooking the pasta in the meat sauce, you are minimizing the number of dishes used but also allowing the starch in the pasta to thicken the sauce. Combine all ingredients and simmer, it’s that easy!

One Pot Blueberry Cobbler (click for full recipe)

Blueberries are abundant in Western North Carolina, and nothing highlights them better than cobber (or crisp!). Can you think of a better way to put a finish on your delicious one pot dinner? With fresh fruit, a little pie filling, and some refrigerated biscuits, you can wow your dinner guests or create a warm, cozy evening for yourself.

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