We at BoomerCafé are deeply appreciative of you, our audience, and ask for your help.

Here’s why: back in September, BoomerCafé vanished for the first time in 20 years.

It wasn’t our fault. A technician at our website’s server company accidentally entered the wrong command in the system that controls all the hosting company’s clients. Fewer than ten characters. But that’s all it took to (gasp!) … delete everything. Not just BoomerCafé, but in the wink of an eye, thousands of websites, including ours, vanished. Recovery required five days … an eternity in the Internet environment.

The Café Guys … the co-founders and old friends behind BoomerCafé.com. David Henderson (left) with Greg Dobbs.

In those few days, our audience naturally plummeted from a position as a globally leading online site for baby boomers to… well, you can imagine.

BoomerCafé doesn’t sell stuff, and we don’t ask for anything but your following, as baby boomers from around the world share their stories and ideas. We suppose we are a little old-fashioned that way but we highly respect our audience.

So, here’s what we ask of you: please lend a hand in rebuilding our online audience. Please go to BoomerCafé.com as often as you can to check out new stories, please sign up for occasional email updates, and please share awareness (story links) for BoomerCafé with your friends.

Hopefully, we’ll get those audience numbers back to normal.


Greg and David


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