Our professional baby boomer rememberer — because that’s what he calls himself! — is retired Evansville, Indiana columnist and still-producing-books author Garret Mathews. In fact that’s what he has done for a living. This is part of BoomerCafé’s continuing series of installments of some of Garret’s remembrances. In this installment, remembering all the celebrities he has interviewed, he wonders, what would you ask?

Pretend you land an interview with a celebrity of your choice. What questions would you pose?

Garret Mathews

Garret Mathews

When you get out of bed in the morning, does anything hurt?

Do you drive your own vehicle or do you hire a chauffeur?

Do you attend your children’s school functions?

What’s your fitness level? Can you run four miles without stopping? Can you bench-press your weight?

Do you ever wish you were a regular person with a regular job?

Do you worry that, should your star power fade, you won’t be able to adjust to life as a regular person?

And speaking of celebrities … what are the worst sports clichés? “We’re in the business of winning games.”

“It’s crunch time in our season, and you gotta dance with what brung ya.”

“(Insert name of phenom) is the one you want in your foxhole when you go to war.

“We’ll just bring our lunch pail, go to work and see what happens.”

“We’ll just try to get to the game on time and see what happens.”

“We’ll just take things a play at a time and see what happens.”

“You never know what’s gonna happen. That’s why they play the game.”

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