6 activities for vivacious baby boomer retirees

Most baby boomers aren’t yet retired but a lot are and what’s more, all of us are closer to retirement than we are to the birth of our careers. So we think this piece by Phoenix’s Barry Duke might be helpful: 6 Unique Hobbies & Activities For Vivacious Baby Boomer Retirees.

Without kids to raise and a job to attend, retirement is blissful paradise. For the hardworking baby boomer generation, however, restlessness and boredom can easily set in. Here are six activities that can keep you active and feeling spry.

Travel Tours (Social)

Retirement is the time to relax and enjoy an active life to its max, especially with a loved one or good friends. Meeting new people and forming new friendships can be challenging for boomers though. Travel tours designed for people our age provide experiences of a lifetime and, most importantly, you’re in the good company of other travelers who are age 50+ and impassioned with wanderlust.

ElderTreks offers active and exotic adventures for small groups of people over age 50.From wildlife African safaris and hiking trips in the Himalayas to Arctic expeditions and cultural journeys in Asia, retired explorers can embark on any type of worldly experiences led by expert travelers. Travel tours for singles also provide a comfortable environment for those who have lost their partners, yet still have an active enthusiasm for new experiences and discoveries across the globe.

Nutritional Cooking Classes (Health)


Participating in a cooking class is a fun way to refine those culinary skills and introduce new fare into the recipe repertoire. Nutritional cooking classes in particular can inspire a healthy lifestyle and keep the palate satisfied with unique, expertly prepared cuisines. Whole Foods Market offers cooking, hands-on, and demonstration classes at its Culinary Center led by top chefs, artisans, growers, and in-store experts. Typical culinaryevents include “Cooking Class: Thai Fusion Party Food,” “Couples Cooking Class: Vive La France!”, and “School of Fish: Seafood Grilling.” For retirees who want to cultivate their culinary skills at home, offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced kitchen lessons online.

Tai Chi (Fitness & Wellbeing)


Tai Chi, the slow-motion exercise derived from ancient Chinese martial arts, has grown to be “an ideal way for anyone to stay fit” says Reuters contributor Dorene Internicola. The graceful and gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi achieves balanced health and lowers stress and anxiety. Along with its mental benefits, the exercise increases energy, flexibility,agility, and muscle strength. The sequence of low-impact, functional postures move constantly and slowly with focus and deep breathing. Boomers should adopt the exercise in particular because it improves joint pain (arthritis) and symptoms of congestive heart failure, and it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Tai Chi master Arthur Rosenfeld, author of “Tai Chi — The Perfect Exercise: Finding Health, Happiness, Balance, and Strength,” advocates Tai Chi because it concentrates on how the body works. It promotes graceful aging without the drama.

Wine & Painting (Creativity)


Wine and paint events are the latest trends for unleashing creativity with some libations. Retired couples and friends can get out for a night and embrace their inner Picasso. Create a unique masterpiece while sipping on a cocktail and enjoy the stress-free artistic event. A performance artist guides the painting stroke by stroke and provides all the supplies, from acrylic paints and brushes to canvases and aprons.

Not only could a boozy painting class be fun, it can serve as a form of therapy to diminish stress and relax. Concentrating on artwork can also be meditative. The painter can release negative energies as creative expression to experience harmonies between the heart and mind.

Brain-Training Video Games (Mental)

Cognitive (or brain) training has been proven to improve reasoning and processing speed a decade later, according to The Washington Post. Habitual mental training also minimizes challenges with daily living, including tasks like housework, handling finances, and taking medications

Video games are no longer just for teenagers. Brain-training computer games and apps can boost multitasking abilities andbrain plasticity— the ability to functionally change over time, according to CBS News. World of Warcraft in particular was shown to improve spatial ability, memory, and attention. If an online role-playing video game doesn’t pique interest, you can sharpen your mind with these mentally stimulating, brain-training apps recommended by the Huffington Post:

  • Memory Trainer (Android)
  • Luminosity (iPhone)
  • FitBrains Trainer (iPhone)
  • Brain Workout (Android)

Sailing & Boating Excursions (Luxury)

A couple on a sailboat

For retirees with an epic adventurous spirit, heading into open waters on a boat can create unforgettable memories. Bob Wonders tells My Boating Life, “There’s no better way to spend your kids’ inheritance than to buy a boat and enjoy the lifestyle…” A boat is an investment in luxury, upscale relaxation, and world-class angling. Wonders recommends trawler, flybridge, and sportscruiser vessels for superior coastal cruising. Fiberglass or aluminum powerboats also make excellent recreational boats. If you’re going to play the role of captain though, make sure to understand the safety rules of navigation. From understanding buoys and markers to docking and anchoring, navigating the water and knowing nautical theories are essential.

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