Written by Jessica Peters

We all like to find a freebie when scouring the web. Whether it’s books, gadgets, or coupons, there are tons of free things that you can find once you know where to look. The possibilities are endless, so here are five hacks for finding free things online.

Check Online Community

There are
all sorts of online community
that you can sign up to in order to score yourself a freebie.
Whether it’s Craigslist or a Facebook group, these are great resources to use
where you can find a plethora of free goods. There are many people who
advertise items they want to give away such as appliances, furniture, and toys.
While you may have to surf through lots of junk at first, you are bound to find
something that will catch your eye. You can also make a list of websites that aggregate free

Sign Up to a Loyalty

companies provide reward programs for their customers which you can use to your
advantage. When you’re looking at a business’s website, be sure to check
whether they have a loyalty program available. Many retailers have special
perks for their members such as free food, gift cards, movie tickets and more.
You may need to sign up to their email newsletter, which can notify you when
there is a freebie to be had!

Take Online Surveys

If you have
some spare time and are looking for some quick cash, why not take an online
survey? Answering questions on websites such as Global Test Market and Swagbucks can provide you with gift
cards, money, as well as sweepstakes entries. While taking surveys is straightforward,
they can be incredibly time-consuming, and the payout may not be the best,
however, the more you do it, the more likely you are to score some fantastic

Download an App for

If you have
a smartphone, you may not realize just how many rewards and cash-back apps
there are available. If you like the idea of being hooked up with some free
stuff, be sure to download apps like Shopkick where you can earn points for
viewing products online. Once you’ve got enough points, these can be exchanged
for gift cards which you can use in plenty of stores such as Starbucks and

Sign Up for a Free Trial

subscription boxes may be all the rage right now, they can be incredibly
expensive. However, if you’re looking to score a freebie, you may benefit from
signing up for a free trial. Whether it be free music streaming, meals, snacks,
audiobooks and more, many businesses are competing with one another in order to
lure customers in, so be sure to take advantage of any free things they have on
offer! Streaming services such as Netflix give customers a free one-month
trial, however, make sure to mark your calendar so you know when the free trial
ends, otherwise, be faced with a surprise charge! Spending some time scouring
the internet for free trials may be time-consuming, however, if you know what
you’re doing, you should be able to reap up the rewards.

Whether it
be taking an online survey, signing up for a free trial, or scouring online
community marketplaces to take advantage of free goods and services, there are
plenty of things that you can get online for free. However, bear in mind that
in order to find the best freebies, you will need to look in all the right
places, so as long as you have the motivation and patience, you should scoop up
some fantastic freebies.


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