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Boomers can learn to disconnect, then teach their grandkids

September 27, 2016

How often these days do you unplug? We mean unplug from your electronic devices and just talk, or play, or…

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A boomer is a tourist in her own home town

September 25, 2016

BoomerCafé contributor Erin O’Brien is moving. Why? A fairly typical boomer story: her husband is retiring. They’re moving cross-country but…

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A boomer’s countdown to a new kidney

September 23, 2016

BoomerCafé is about baby boomers with active lifestyles, right? So a story from a boomer facing a kidney transplant might…

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A baby boomer’s empty nest all over again

September 21, 2016

Sometimes it just takes a little mental trick to help us deal with the fact that our kids are grown…

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An American boomer meets an English boomer in Germany

September 19, 2016

There’s a Englishman, a baby boomer, who pedaled into a life of selling bread in Germany. BoomerCafé publisher and co-founder…

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A baby boomer’s mystery: a dance, a love affair, a book

September 18, 2016

Once baby boomers have more time on their hands, interesting new things can happen. and what happened to Michael James…

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A boomer remembers another time … and you can do the same

September 17, 2016

Here are more “professional remembrances” from our professional baby boomer rememberer, retired Evansville, Indiana columnist and still-producing-books author Garret Mathews.…

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Digging My Well: Bringing boomers some peace

September 16, 2016

Digging My Well. That’s the name of this essay by boomer author Joyce Zonana. When we saw it, we liked…

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A baby boomer recovers her long-lost dreams

September 13, 2016

We baby boomers might not have nine lives like a cat, but Geneva Broussard of Arcadia, California, has proved that…

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When a baby boomer saw his child for the first time

September 11, 2016

For most of us baby boomers with children, the kids are now full-grown and living their own lives. But that…

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